Running a company is a difficult job ,but running a company who follow ethic codes is complicated. Tiger Plumbing Services Glendale follows ethic codes.

Code of satisfaction and ethics for Tiger Plumbing Services and the whole staff

 Competency and professionalism

  • It’s criteria of Tiger Plumbing Services Glendale that their employees have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the respective
  • Each adviser of our company is qualified in service and installation of water heaters
  • Our employee follows the saying “the customer is always right.”
  • Our staff will do anything to treat the customer concerns

Personnel end ethical requirements

  • Every plumber of Tiger Plumbing Services Glendale does not addict to drugs.
  • Background screening of each staff member
  • Each employee of Tiger Plumbing Services Glendale has passed verification
  • Our companies randomly take a blood test of their employee for drug addiction.
  • No smoking in a company vehicle, at client place, and company property

Personal appearance and dress code

  • Our employee strictly follow the dress code
  • Only well fitted, pressed and clean is acceptable
  • Our employee’s hairs are clean, neatly trimmed and combed.