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Our Services

Emergency Plumbing

Emergency plumbing is a test of a good plumber. Tiger Plumbing Services Glendale are born plumbers…

Commercial Plumbing Services

Trustworthy corporate commerce plumbing services for your project. You observe any leak or drainage or other…

Residential Plumbing Services

• Downspout drain cleaning services
• Outdoor faucets and leaks
• Septic to sewer conversation
• Tanked or tankless water heater services

Who We Are


Tiger Plumbing Services Glendale customers are dependable on our squad of a seasoned expert for the excellence in service and expertise. Our company is family own and highly suggested  since 1930, Tiger Plumbing Services Glendale bring Glendale, California a group of professionally trained technicians and plumbers. it is our company’s plus point that they recommend Tiger Plumbing Services without any 2nd thought.

  • We are educated
  • well-timed
  • dependable

Overview of services

  • maintenance of plumbing units
  • video inspection
  • all type of repair services
  • bathroom remodeling
  • kitchen remodeling
  • basic repairs
  • unclogged drains
  • flood drain pipes
  • basement plumbing
  • outdoor plumbing

Keep our selves focused

Tiger Plumbing Services Glendale has one unit of search and research. The team of our company, read the latest journals and articles on plumbing and invent a new method of plumbing and use machinery in different ways.

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Tiger Plumbing Services Glendale

Providing dependable solution for domestic and commercial plumbing troubles with decades and decades of experience

What People Say


Tiger Plumbing Services Glendale has surpassed all the competition in the [city] as now they have an excellent command all over the city’s sanitary and plumbing works. They have tremendous customer support as they respond to any issues very quickly.

Orpha R. Waggoner

Tiger Plumbing Services Glendale provides very nice customer support. They respond very quickly and work in a very professional way.

Sofie J. Gregersen


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If you want to contact us about any issue please call (323)601-0220 . If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration simply submit a quote.

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